Our job is to help your company bring great products to market.

Bringing great high tech opto-electronic products and medical devices to market is one of the most challenging areas of business that any company can enter. We know because we have been there. Our team has over 100 years of product design experience with nearly fifty years of that experience is in the development, design, manufacture and regulatory compliance for a variety of medical devices. Our engineering and manufacturing disciplines include:
  • Optical engineering and lens design;
  • Electronic and FPGA design and related firmware;
  • Precision mechanical design and design for manufacture;
  • Software development for mobile devices, Macs and PCs;
  • Regulatory compliance for FDA, Europe and other countries;
  • FDA and CE mark compliant product manufacturing; and
  • Intellectual property protection and expert witness services.

Our product design experience spans the range from miniaturized high volume products to large one of a kind systems. In addition, we are experts in the design, manufacture and regulatory compliance for medical devices. If you need any of our services, please contact us directly using this link.